Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meeting Notes 12/2/08

SSA meeting 12.2.08
Role call: Amber, Liz, Paige, Lenin, Jen, Katie, Maggie

Olive Harvest:
- good
- olive oil is ready
- what to change? Competitive attitude, make sure that people know to bring ladders
- 8 scholarships for $100
- Applications coming soon, due in early January, stay posted
Slow Food on Campus
- need students to sign for contract either Wednesday or Thursday, no commitments just approval of club
- lets make Slow Food and SSA work together, Amber and Katie can be liasons between two clubs so that both groups know what’s going on
DC Meetings with Brennan and Linda
- they need an SSA student representative to attend planning meetings for the Oxford Circle DC bc it is going under renovation becoming the sustainable (menu planning, student activist, compost, any inputs)
- Liz and Jenn interested
- Conferences around country = “Strengthening the Roots”  one in San Diego in Februrary
- Allen Doyle= new sustainability manager coming to next DC meeting, come to SSA meeting too
- Farm to college in Spring lots of fun ideas (farmers market on site- use swipes, milking, ag activities, bands- have students talk between acts, what you can do now that you are moving out handout, including social justice issues, **growing seedlings and giving away herbs and veggies- plant around March and use project compost)
- UCOP food group Statewide phone conference once a month need SSA representative there  Liz interested
- Two CSSC food reps from state  Briand Seaby from Davis
- Collaborating with other clubs (project compost, R4…
- Dani and Sarah are working to have DC allow CoHo to use their post-consumer machine lets support them bc they need it
- ASI external meeting next week, Maggie and Katie going to dinner, lots of big time people networking and workshopping- How ASI is going to do its stuff
- Could we have someone from ASI come talk and explain ASI?
Popcorn  what to do with it?
- how much is not shucked?
- Food bank
- We could sell it
- Can we freeze it? How long will it last?
TGIF CSSC is starting this, Lauren Jabusch is student leader
- we want to be involved
- they need individuals
- send out to list serve if you want to get involved
- tabling and educating
- goal to have it voted on in next ASUCD election- need a lot of voter turnout
Environmental club tabling event
- do we want to be there?
- No good experience in past, but if someone wants to go for it
Gmail account
- We have one!
- Dani is going to check it regularly
- Maybe have it forwarded to Paige
- Amber is going to keep it updated
- Posting meeting notes and updates
UC Davis site
- we need to change some stuff on it, how do we do that?  ask Creative media, amber
- Keep gmail account on there
- Add blog site
Obama Letter
- use forum to post your topics
- ask CRD students if they want to be involved, maybe read over what we have written
- everyone get your stuff up by Dec. 20
- comment on the others by Jan 1
- then we will review it all and
- lets ramp it up!
- Have events on central campus
- Should we change where we meet? Would more people come if we were central- we could use PC office (bottom of freeborn)
- We will use the PC office
Action items
- Maggie: contact Brennan about Liz and Jenn
- Maggie: give Liz’s name to Brian,UCOP
- Paige: contact Dani about how much popcorn
- Paige: working calendar on blogger
- Maggie/Katie: ask ASI person to come talk to us about ASI
- Paige: contact Lauren that we are interested in TGIF
- Amber: update blog and contact Creative Media
- Katie: Send email out to obama action group to add your platform issues on forum
- Maggie: make doodle for time slots for next quarter meetings
- Katie: email obama group about deadlines
Future Agenda Items
- Allen Doyle
- Popcorn
- Sending obama letter
- Citrus glean
- Seedlings for college night

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