Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maggie Lickter speaks at National Sodexo Sustainability Conference

February 2-4, Sodexo, the multibilliondollar international food service management and facilities management corporation, hosted a sustainability conference here at UC Davis. The conference was the SEED Conference - Sustainability and Environmental Expert Development. The conference included a group of Sodexo managers and corporate leaders from across the nation.

Maggie Lickter, a second year majoring in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, represented Students for Sustainable Agriculture, the Real Food Challenge, the California Student Sustainability Coalition, and university students across the nation. The panel included a look into UC Davis' best practices when it comes to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Maggie's piece of the panel was educational and eye-opening for many of the members. Focusing on topics such as supporting local farms, social justice and labor issues, profit versus people, corporate transparency and more, Maggie did a great job telling Sodexo where it can make the biggest impact in affecting our food system.

Gail Feenstra, food analyst for the UC Davis Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, also spoke at the SEED conference about the Davis Farm-to-School connection.

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bob said...

Maggie is a fantastic speaker that gets right to the point. The University is fortunate to have such a talented and eloquent individual as Maggie and I look forward to seeing more of her extremely timely and important work.

Dr. Robert Lickter