Monday, November 30, 2009

Olive Harvest 2009

Students for Sustainable agriculture hosted their annual olive pick this last weekend. With permission from both the UCD Olive Center and Grounds, students, faculty, and alumni harvested olives on campus last Sunday in a joint effort to produce olives for oil. This year the crew of over 50 people harvested a total of 3,326.5 pounds of olives. The organizers and volunteers carted the raw olives to Mike Madison's farm, Yolo Bulb, in Woodland, where he used his small scale industrial olive press to make the oil. Grand total: 47.5 gallons of oil, which was happily distributed via a serve yourself olive oil stand behind one organizers' house. And as we've picked up our share, and patiently wait for the oil to settle, we're already looking forward to next year!


Unknown said...

Way to go UC Davis students!!! Now that you are experienced maybe you can one day work in the booming California Olive Oil industry!!!

--Kiley Athanasiou
UC Davis Olive Center

Anonymous said...

What variety(s) of olive do you grow done there?