Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Important agenda items...

... and meeting notes from our May 5th meeting!

1. Strawberry spring harvest

If you haven't already noticed nor been stuffing your face full of them these past few weeks....it's strawberry season! SSA will be having its annual spring harvest at Pacific Star Gardens Sunday May 18th. We are going to meet at the MU flagpole at 1pm and bike there. It's about 7 miles from campus and will cost $12 for a big container full (you can eat as you pick too).

Dani is opening her house for anyone who would like to make strawberry related goodies until about 8pm that evening. You can join us for either the harvest or the eating if you're pressed for time!

2. Whole Earth Festival

I sent a sign-up sheet for WEF booth. We need more people! Please come and help us out by giving an hour or two of your time between 9am-5pm. We are booth #473 and will be promoting sustainable agriculture and selling strawberries.

3. Popcorn for SSA

Raoul Adamchak (the head honcho of the Market Garden) is lending a space for SSA to plant popcorn to have for future events. Woohoo! We will be planting the popcorn this Thursday May 8th at 2pm.

4. Farm to College night will be June 4th at all the freshman dining commons. More on this later.

5. A second copy of th eCoffeehouse - Student Farm poster will hopefully be put up at the Student Farm (at Bowley, I believe) very soon :)

6. Keep on the lookout for the new Slow Foods USA convivium that will be coming to Davis. Amber and Katie are planning with a woman named Nicole to have this be something SSA supports, rather than a separate group from it. SlowFoods will be more of the celebration aspect of agriculture -- enjoying and appreciating good, quality food -- while SSA and the Real Food Challenge will be the activism component of our mission.

7. SSA Visioning Night

This will be a crucial last(?) meeting to talk about our vision and goals for next year. We want to brainstorm now to prepare ourselves better and think about these things ahead of time. This is the meeting to come to if you want to be heard to see things being done that didn't get to be addressed this year. Some ideas that we'll be bringing up are hopefully more emphasis on social justice and student outreach and education.

The meeting will be at BOWLEY. Monday, May 19th at 6pm. As usual, we'll have our potluck and eat good things while we discuss good things.


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