Friday, May 2, 2008

Let's hear it for the first Students for Sustainable Agriculture blogspot post! Yay!

Hopefully, this will be one of those things that the fabulous members of SSA will update pretty frequently to inform the world about what we're doing in the campus and community.

So to start this blog off, how about a picture of the Local Foods Week kick-off both at the Coffee House? There you will see (from left) Katie, Dani, Amber, Alida and Maggie's rockin' cool eating tips poster from Focus the Nation that she painted! LFW was really well organized and of course, delicious. Maybe Dani (the wonder woman who made it happen) can fill us in on more details a little later on :)

One very, very exciting thing about LFW was the debut of the Coffee House - Student Farm poster. This poster was made possible by the collective effort of Lani (the genius designer), Alida (the fierce one with the funds), Amber (the enthusiastic visionary) and Natalia (the lovely Coho intern on the left in the picture). We all wanted to show the people of Davis who frequent the CoHo that the 25-year partnership with the Student Farm is a working relationship where many of the foods at the CoHo are grown right on campus and picked by students. This poster should be at the CoHo for.... ever? (hopefully!) Go check it out! ASAP!

Check back next week for Whole Earth Festival (WEF) updates. What is WEF, you ask? It's a festival driven by education, food, art and music aimed at being zero waste. It's next Friday and Saturday (May 9th and 10th) so don't be shy to check it out.

Well that's about it for now. Here are some tips to spend your weekend the SSA way:

1) Go to the Davis Farmers' Market. It opens 8am-1pm every Saturday. It's strawberry season, and it's hard to pass up farm fresh, local strawberries.

2) Cook a meal made with local ingredients for your friends and/or family. Like this simple, healthy Penne With Whateveryougot Vegetables I made the other day... (cook the penne. to make the "sauce" heat some olive oil in the pan, cook a sliced onion and diced carrot until onions are a bit soft, season with salt, add some greens like chard or kale or bokchoy, add in that last bit of pasta sauce from last week you never used up.toss with the penne and add some chopped fresh herbs like parsley. if you're not vegan, sprinkle in some parmesan cheese. yum!)

-This is Amber on behalf of SSA. Over and out!

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Dani Lee said...

Awesome! Great job Amber!