Saturday, May 3, 2008

Local Fair Trade?

The phrase Fair Trade might conjure up the idea of fairness and equality to a farmer far, far away in the tropics or the other hemisphere. You might think that the farmer was part of a mean, nasty agricultural system that didn't treat him very well because that country isn't developed enough to think about those kinds of things.

In reality though, Fair Trade is a movement that is happening here on our very U.S. soil as well, as people are starting to respond to the shocking truth there are farmers in this country who are living like slaves. What's more shocking is that many of these farmers are working in organic farms. I know that until very recently, I personally have always believed that organic farms was all good and ethical -- that it was all about doing the right thing, taking care of the land and protecting the health and well-being of the farmers.

Read this excellent, excellent article to have the knowledge of what's kinds of injustices are going on in America's organic industry and how people are responding to it.

Also, to take action, you can sign this petition that's aiming to help bring justice and relief to the Imokalee farm workers in Florida. This group of farm workers are just one case scenario where they are treated as slaves -- minimum wages, physical abuse, and no worker benefits.


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