Saturday, May 10, 2008

Whole Earth Festival 2008

Whole Earth Festival takes place on Mother's Day weekend every year here at the UC Davis Quad and surrounding grassy areas. It is a great opportunity for us to fundraise and get out message of Eating Local Food out there to the masses. Each year we typically sell produce from a local farm. In the past farms included Terra Firma and produce varied from cherries to strawberries and even snow peas. This year Amber hooked us up with a sweet deal with Capay Valley Organics for fresh, local, organic strawberries. We sold the strawberries as well as our t-shirts and cookbooks.

Whole Earth Festival was a fun filled day. We were able to outreach to dozens of community members and non-community members, and even some little kids. Alida's craft project was a big hit with the young'ins and the adults alike. She made rubber stamps that were used to create patches of things like: "I Eat Local," "Sustainable Aggies," "I <3 style="font-style: italic;">[insert favorite veggie here]".

Thank you to Amber for organizing, Luis for donating a tent for the day, our friend who biked our strawberries from market to campus, and the countless number of members who showed up to help table and fundraise: Alida, Laura, Emma, Maggie, Katie, Christie, and more!


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Amber said...

i'm so glad that SSA had a great time at WEF. thanks dani for the post and yours and everyone's support !